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Art Nomination

Juniper Award for Art 

The Juniper Award for Art recognizes a local artist's commitment to their bold path and aims to alleviate financial constraints so artists can spend more time cultivating their imagination and fearlessness.

Please note: the number of nominations per nominee is not a factor in the selection process. 

Gender and ethnicity responses are only used for data collection and reporting purposes and will not be used in our recipient decision making process.

Nominations open June 1st, 2024

Thank you for your nomination. If you've submitted your nomination early, don't worry! It will still be considered in the 2024 cycle.


Jeff's 'Why'

"For fun, I painted, sketched, and carved all my life, but I did not choose art as a career. My sister did. My appreciation for the working artist is rooted in her career.  I watched my sister turn a skillset and passion into work, enhancing our community with talent, ideas, and beauty.  I want to give artists like her some financial breathing room to spend more time on their art." 

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