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Music & Writing Nomination

Juniper Award for
Music & Writing 

The Juniper Award for music and writing recognizes a local musician or writer's dedication to creativity and imagination, and aims to empower them to continue on their bold path with fewer financial barriers.

Please note: the number of nominations per nominee is not a factor in the selection process. 

The 2023 Award will focus on music.

Gender and ethnicity responses are only used for data collection and reporting purposes and will not be used in our recipient decision making process.

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Jeff's 'Why'

"My appreciation for music and writing strengthened as I watched my two daughters grow up writing and playing music. I witnessed them define and express themselves, dare to try, learn commitment and find joy. I also watched gratefully as their mentors supported and illuminated my girls’ chosen paths. I understand how essential these forms of expression are to oneself and one’s community, and I want to help local musicians and writers concentrate on their passion by offering financial support."

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