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Trade School Nomination

Juniper Award for
Trade School

The Juniper Award for a trade school-bound individual recognizes the financial costs that accompany the decision to learn a trade.  Monetary assistance for tuition and materials allows space for students to imagine, be fearless, and commit to their trade.


Gender and ethnicity responses are only used for data collection and reporting purposes and will not be used in our recipient decision making process.

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Jeff's 'Why'

"I feel lucky to have studied literature at a small liberal arts college, but I feel equally lucky to have worked in various trades my whole life, making friends with and learning from others who did the same. As a kid, I earned nickels for digging, pruning, and planting in the garden; later, I cut and arranged flowers, and waxed and edged skis. In the summer, I stained facia from rooftops, and cooked, cleaned, and hauled supplies in Yosemite’s High Sierra camps. As an adult I built my own homes, leaning on the expertise of tradespeople who knew more than me. I have immense respect for people who work in the trades and would like to help more people find their way to meaningful work in these areas."

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