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Winter Olympics Nomination

Juniper Award for
Winter Olympics 

The Juniper Award for Winter Olympics recognizes a local Team USA athlete who demonstrates the commitment, imagination, and fearlessness necessary to pursue excellence in high-level yet under-funded sports.

Please note: the number of nominations per nominee is not a factor in the selection process. 

Demographic information is only used for data collection and reporting purposes and will never be used to influence the decision making process.

Thank you for your nomination!


Jeff's 'Why'

"In 1992, I was named to the US Olympic team in the demonstration sport of Speed Skiing. The Olympic Committee and the US Ski Team paid for my direct expenses. But during the year I won my bronze, I still needed multiple other jobs. I know first-hand that Olympic Athletes face serious shortfalls in funding for training and travel. I would like to help one Winter Olympic athlete every four years spend more time training and less time working side jobs to support their athletic careers."

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